June 18, 2006

Airbus A 380 Problems Worse Than Acknowledged

Via the Devils Kitchen's hosted Britblog Roundup we get this article on Nightcap Syndication by the Britblog Roundup's usual host Tim Worstall. According to Mr Worstall's source the Airbus A 380 problems are worse than acknowledged, these are not the electrical problems that have already delayed the aircraft's delivery date by 6 months but:
What Airbus hasn't reported is that at least one of their subcontractors is also behind schedule by 12-18 months in developing and delivering a certified subsystem.
So it looks like BAe Systems, and the directors of EADS (the company that owns most of airbus) where wise in their choice to try and get out. Not that the EADS directors had any knowledge about the problems going on in the flagship aircraft of one of their major subsidiaries. Oh no, they where obviously concentrating on the new EADS venture into pig aviation.


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